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*Lubomír Typlt is born in Nová Paka, Czech Republic


Father Ladislav Typlt (1942–2011) was a trained blacksmith and woodcutter.

Lubomír Typlt was introduced to fine arts by his mother, Jana Typltová (1940), a nurse who liked painting

and drawing as her lifelong hobby. Among others, she learned to draw with the sculptor Ladislav Zívr.


The family came into contact with fine art and literature through their uncle Jan Schejbal (1941), a translator from Catalan and Spanish, who translated a two-part monograph on Goya for Odeon publishers, where he worked as
an editor.


Lubomír Typlt has three brothers: Ladislav Typlt (1963), Pavel Typlt (1965) and Jaromír Typlt (1973). 
Jaromír Typltis a poet. Alongside his poetry he has published, for example, the collections "Ztracené peklo" 
["Hell, Lost"] (1994), "žene zas až" ["Not Quite…"] 2003, "Stisk" ["Grip"] 2007 and has also written monographs
on the painter Zdeněk Košek (2001) and the sculptor Ladislav Zívr (2013).

Secondary Art School and drawing lessons with Boris Jirků


Lubomír Typlt attends secondary school at the Václav Hollar Art School in Prague, where he finishes in June 1993. From his third year on he attends drawing classes with Boris Jirků at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design
in Prague [UMPRUM].


At secondary school he meets Ondřej Anděra, a fellow pupil from the same year. Lubomír Typlt would later join Ondřej Anděra´s band WWW.

Start of studies at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design with focus on illustration in the class of Prof. Jiří Šalamoun


Typlt begins his university studies at UMPRUM with Prof. Jiř. Šalamoun, specialising in illustration.

He finishes the school in May 1997. Amongst others he paints the pictures: Baterie / Battery, 1996; Mobilizace / Mobilisation, 1996 and Elektrárna / Power Station, 1996.


In his first year at UMPRUM he becomes a member of the band WWW. He plays trumpet and writes lyrics, initially together with Ondřej Anděra and then later on his own.


Besides he illustrates several books for Mladá fronta publishers.

Start of studies with Prof. Jiří Načeradský at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno


Lubomír Typlt starts to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno with Prof. Jiří Načeradský, specialising in painting. Among others here he paints: Kočka zabalená v igelitu / Cat Wrapped in Plastic, 1997; Kočka s pytlem vody /

Cat with a Bag of Water, 1997; Stoly / Tables, 1997 and the two-part painting Kára II / Handcart II, 1998.
He completes his studies in May 2001. For his final yearwork he submitts Velké stoly / Big Tables, 1999–2000;
Židli pro Caspara Davida Friedricha / A Chair for Caspar David Friedrich, 2000 and Židli pro Caspara Davida Friedricha I / A Chair for Caspar David Friedrich I, 2000.


He becomes more and more interested in modern German painting and writes a study about the painter
Lovis Corinth for the magazine Host.


He has an independent exhibition in the Nová Paka Municipial Cultural Centre.

Studies with Prof. Markus Lüpertz at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf 


Lubomír Typlt has an independent exhibition in the Minikino Cafe in Ostrava.


In October, the band WWW splits up. They reform in 2005 when his creative partnership with Ondřej Anděra comes to life again after writing the song Ve stínu lamp / In the Shadow of the Lamps. 


Lubomír Typlt begins to study at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a guest student specialising in painting.
He spends his first year with Prof. Markus Lüpertz. Here his paintings include: Dům / House, 1999; Dům I / House I, 1999; Kočka pozorujíci měsíc / Cat Watching the Moon, 1999; Červená kočka I / Red Cat I, 1999; Červená kočka II /
Red Cat II
, 1999, and Kolo / Bicycle, 1999.

Start of cooperation with the curator Petr Vaňous

While preparing for the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf he paints Fialová vodní elektrárna / Purple Hydroelectric Power Station, 2000, and creates the object Vodní elektrárna / Hydroelectric Power Station, 2000.


Lubomír Typlt has independent exhibitions in the Galerie mladých in Brno, in Hrádek in Kutná Hora and in the Galerie Aspekt in Brno, where among others he shows the following works: Kočka zabalená v igelitu / Cat Wrapped in Plastic, 1997; Kočka s pytlem vody / Cat with a Bag of Water, 1997; Stoly / Tables, 1997 and the two-part painting Kára II / Handcart II, 1998.


During the year he begins his joint work with the curator Petr Vaňous, who he had known since secondary school. Untill today Vaňous prepares many of Typlt’s independent and group exhibitions and has written about him many times.

Continuing studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the class of
Prof. Gerhard Merz


Lubomír Typlt continues his studies in painting in Düsseldorf with Prof. Gerhard Merz, with whom he remains until June 2002. Steadily he experiments with half-transparent pigments. While with Merz he paints: Černé stoly /

Black Tables, 2002; Mobilizace v makovém poli / Mobilisation in a Poppy Field, 2002; Mobilizace opus I / Mobilisation Opus I, 2002 and Bílé stoly / White Tables, 2002.

Exhibitions in Prague


From 31.5. to 24.6.2001 Lubomír Typlt has an independent exhibition at the Václav Špála Gallery in Prague. The name "Obešel já polí pět" ["Five Fields Did I Walk Around"] was taken from Czech novelist Ladislav Klíma.

He starts his joint work with the Pecka Gallery in Prague, where in subsequent years several independent exhibitions are being organised.

Continuing studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the class of
Prof. A. R. Penck


Lubomír Typlt continues his studies in painting in Düsseldorf with Prof. A. R. Penck, with whom he remains until
May 2005.


He is awarded the Meisterschüler diploma in 2004 and receives the Akademiebrief on graduation in 2005. With Penck he paints: Kluk s konvemi / Boy with Watering Cans, 2002; Kluk s konvemi v makovém poli /
Boy with Watering Cans in a Poppy Field
, 2002; Kočka s kužely / Cat with Cones, 2002, K. s kočkou / K. with Cat, 2003 as well as Alchymista / Alchemist, Metafyzik / Metaphysician, St. Anger / St. Anger in 2004.

In 2002 he also begins working with Traders Pop Gallery in Maastricht, where his independent exhibitions take place in 2004 and 2009.

Collaboration with the curator Karel Srp


The curator Karel Srp invites him to participate in the "Perfect Tense – Malba dnes" ["Perfect Tense – Painting Today"] 
exhibition, which takes place in the Prague Castle Riding School from 19.12.2003 to 14.3.2004. 
Lubomir Typlt shows his works Bílá kočka
na barelu / White Cat on a Barrel, 2000 and Oběšená kočka se dvěma barely / Hanged Cat with Two Barrels, 2003.

Years in Berlin


After completing his studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf  from 2006 to 2009 he lives in Berlin.

Exhibitions in Prague & Berlin and unexpected success of the band WWW


In the Michael Schultz Gallery in Berlin the exhibition "Das Recht auf Unreife" ["The Right to Immaturity"]

by five students from the studio of A. R. Penck’s studio takes place. Lubomír Typlt exhibites the works Dva barely / Two Barrels, 2000; Pták na sudu / Bird on a Barrel, 2001 and Kolo / Bicycle, 1999.


In Galerie Ars in Brno Lubomír Typlt has an independent exhibition that follows on from his independent exhibition, "Urychlovat nekonečno" ["Accelerate the Infinite"], on the second floor of the Old Town Hall in the Prague City Gallery from 29.11.2005 to 12.2.2006. In both exhibitions he shows the pictures K. s kočkou / K. with Cat, 2003, Oběšená kočka s fialovou vodní elektrárnou / Hanged Cat with Purple Hydroelectric Power Station, 2004, 
Metafyzický obraz/ Metaphysical Picture, 2005 and Urychlovat nekonečno / Accelerate the Infinite, 2005.


The group WWW releases its album Neurobeat, for which Lubomír Typlt wrote most of the lyrics. Two videos are filmed for the songs Míč / Ball and Lexikon. They are directed by Jiří Málek and feature Ondřej Anděra, the singer from the group. 

Exhibitions with the curators Petr Vaňous and Edith Jeřábková


Petr Vaňous includes Lubomír Typlt in his collective exhibition "Reseting. Jiné cesty k věcnosti" ["Reseting. Different Paths to Materiality"] at Prague City Library´s gallery. He exhibits Lízači / Lickers, 2007; Kluci se šnekem / Boys with Snail, 2007 and Chlapec s kočkou / Young Boy with Cat, 2007. 

The curator Edith Jeřábková choses Lubomír Typlt´s work for the travelling exhibition "Lovci lebek" ["Headhunters"], initially in the Galerie Klenová in Klatovy, then continuing in the Šternberk Gallery, the Východočeská galerie in Pardubice and in the Kunst und Gewerbeverein in Regensburg. He shows the works: Cizí kluk / Foreign Boy, 2006; Cizinec / Foreigner, 2006 and Na čtverečkované podlaze / On the Chequered Floor, 2006.

Studio in Prague´s Meet Factory


Lubomír Typlt has a studio in Meet Factory until 2009. Here he creates a group of geometrical pictures such as: 

Metafyzický obraz II / Metaphysical Picture II, 2008; Terminály v noci / Terminals at Night, 2008 and Turbíny / Turbines, 2008.

Exhibitions in Prague and Brno and the band WWW´s second album


For a short time Lubomír Typlt has a studio in Filip Černý’s original studio on Lucemburská ulice [Luxembourg Street] and then in Prague-Vršovice. 


On 20.4.2009, WWW releases their album Tanec sekyr / Dance of the Axes, for which Lubomír Typlt wrote most of the lyrics. For their work WWW is awarded the prestigious Czech literary award Revolver Revue.


In Galerie Ars in Brno Lubomír Typlt has an independent exhibition called  "Tak se může sm.t jenom cizinec" 
["Only a Foreigner Could Laugh Like That"] from 24.3. to 17.4.2009. The exhibition includes the pictures: 

Tak se může smát jenom cizinec / Only a Foreigner Could Laugh Like That, 2007; Smějící se cizinec / Laughing Foreigner, 2007 and Tour de France, 2007.


The Vernon City Gallery in Prague organises an exhibition "Turbína v noci" ["Turbine at Night"]. It takes place from 28.7. – 27.9.2009 and includes the pictures: Med v medu / Honey in Honey, 2009; Turbína v noci / Turbine at Night and Metafyzický obraz / Metaphysical Picture II, both 2008.

Exhibition in Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery


In the Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery the exhibition "Já Typlt, Ty Typlt" ["I Typlt, You, Typlt"] takes place from 7.5. to 25.5.2010. 


Between 2010 and 2011 David Vrbík produces 3D animations for songs by WWW based on the following themes in Typlt’s paintings: Tikající muž / Ticking Man and Anatomie / Anatomy (music Ondřej Anděra, lyrics Lubomír Typlt). 

Exhibitions in Prague & Brno as well as Markus Lüpertz´ visit to the Czech Republic


An independent exhibition called "Holky" ["Girls"] takes place at the Chodov fort in Prague from 17.9. to 4.11.2011. It includes the pictures: Bílé šatičky / White Frocks, 2011; Daleko neutečou / They Won’t Get Far, 2011; Žhářky / Arsonists, 2011, Neohlížej se / Don’t Look Back, 2011.

The exhibition "Kdo bydlí v srdečních komorách?" ["Who Lives in the Chambers of the Heart"] in the Regional Gallery in Liberec (14.4. – 12.6.2011) focused on a selection of works on paper. 


At the same time in the same gallery Markus Lüpertz (who was born in Liberec) had his first independent exhibition in the Czech Republic, and takes the opportunity to visit his native town.


*11.4.2011 Lubomír Typlt´s son František Typlt is born.


In the House of the Lord of Kunštát in Brno an independent exhibition with the name ‘Mobilizace’ [‘Mobilisation’] takes place (22.4. – 5.6.2011). 


The exhibition "Nepřišel jsem k Vám na zahradu pro kytky!" ["I didn’t come to your garden for flowers!"] is organised in the City Gallery in Beroun and takes place from 10.9. to 7.10.2011. 


Petr Vaňous includes Lubomír Typlt in the group exhibition "Fundamenty & sedimenty. Vzpoura hraček 2011" ["Foundations & Sediments. Rebelion of the Toys"] in the Prague City Library (Prague City Gallery,
2.2. – 1.5.2011). His pictures include: Terminály v noci / Terminals at Night, 2008 and Turbíny / Turbines, 2008. 


In the Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery the exhibition "Markus Lüpertz, A. R. Penck a jejich student Lubomír Typlt" 
["Markus Lüpertz, A. R. Penck and their Student Lubomír Typlt"] takes place from 1.6. to 30.7.2011.

The German gallery owner Michael Werner contributes to the preparation and visits Prague.

Solo Exhibition "The Ticking Man“ at Prague City Gallery


Independent exhibitions "Tikající muž" ["The Ticking Man"] (Prague City Library, Prague City Gallery, 6.6. – 9.9.2012), "Daleko neutečou" ["They Won’t Get Far"] (Fait Gallery, Brno, 21.9. – 1.12.2012) and "Žháři" ["Arsonists"] Opava House of Art, (9.11. – 30.12.2012). 


Lubomír Typlt participates in "Smalt Art Vítkovice" in Ostrava. Here he creates several enamel art works.

Group Exhibition "Motýlí efekt? “ at Gallery Rudolfinum in Prague


Petr Vaňous includes his work in the exhibition "Motýlí efekt?" ["Butterfly Effect?"] in Prague´s Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague. It takes place from 8.1. to 10.3.2013. Lubomir Typlt showes his six-part picture Pláč / Crying from 2012. 

In the Poll Gallery, Berlin, the exhibition "Düster ist die Nacht" ["Dark is the Night"] takes place from 27.4 to 8.6.2013. 


On 21st of May WWW releases the album and textbook Atomová včela / Atomic Bee, with all the lyrics written by Lubomír Typlt for the band. 

Exhibition "Great Council“ in Brno


The "Velké koncilium" ["Great Council"] exhibition (Ars Gallery, Brno, 16.4. – 16.5.2014) includes not just pictures of the same name, but also První vlna / First Wave, 2013 and Druha vlna / Second Wave, 2013. 


Lubomír Typlt has two pictures in the extensive exhibition dedicated to the work and legacy of Czech painter Bohumil Kubišta, "Zářivý krystal" ["Radiant Crystal"] in the Winter of 2014 in the Ostrava Gallery of Fine Arts.


The exhibition "A. R. Penck zum 19(75) Lubomír Typlt" takes place at C & Kunterwegs Gallery in Berlin from 18.10. to 22.11.2014.

Exhibition "Penck–Typlt“ in Prague


The exhibition "Penck–Typlt" in Topičův salon in Prague (3.3. – 27.3.2015) includes the pictures: Básnířky / Poetesses, 2014; Vichřice / Whirlwind, 2014; Velké koncilium / Great Council, 2013 and Druhá vlna / Second Wave, 2013.


The inaugural exhibition of the newly reconstructed Vyšehrad Gallery is called "Kníraté odpoledne" 
["The Moustached Afternoon"] and takes place from 6.3. to 12.4.2015. The exhibition includes the pictures: Kníraté odpoledne / Moustached Afternoon, 2014 and Radioaktivní těsto / Radioactive Dough, 2014. 

At the same time, the Gallery at the Bethlehem Chapel puts on an exhibition called "Rezonance – Načeradský, Bolf, Typlt"["Resonance – Načeradský, Bolf, Typlt"] devoted to works on paper (19.2. – 29.3.2015).


For the second time Lubomír Typlt is invited to take part in "Smalt Art Vítkovice" in Ostrava and creates several artworks made from enamel.

Publication of the monograph "The Ticking Man"

During November Typlt´s monograph entitled "Tikající muž / The Ticking Man" is published.
The arthistorian and curator Karel Srp describes the development of Typlt´s works since 1996. Part of the monograph are also a large amount of reproductions of Typlt´s most important works.

Solo Exhibitions in Prague and Paris


From 9.6. to 6.8.2016 Typlt shows new works during the exhibition "Mladí bozi" ["Young Gods"] at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář.


Apart from that, he has two solo exhibitions in Paris. From 12.3.2016 to 30.4.2016 Gallery Oneiro shows a selection of new large-format paintings and tempera works. The exhibition is called "Transition".  Shortly after the six-part picture Pláč / Cyring and a selection of tempera works are shown in the exhibition entitled "The Ticking Man" at the Center tchèque de Paris, the Czech Center in Paris. 

Exhibitions in Brussels, Prague and Liberec and a new object called "Red Convoy"

From 24.2. to 30.4.2017 the representation of the city of Prague in Brussels, the Prague House, shows the exhibition
"Ticking Man" with a selection of Typlt´s new and old works. 


At the DSC Gallery in Prague Typlt shows a new object called "Red Convoy". It is made up of a total of 9 bicycles with umbrellas. In the context of the exhibition called "370 ° kruhu" ["370 ° of the circle"] from 17.8 to 19.9.2017 Typlt shows a series of new large format paintings that are inspired by "Red Convoy". Among them are Kolonizace I. / Colonization I. and Kolonizace II. / Colonization II as well as the pictures of the series Kolo / Bicycle I. - V.


From 7.9.2017 to 4.10.2017 a follow-up exhibition with Typlt´s tempera works takes place at Betlemska kaple gallery. It is entitled "Vizionáři" ["Visionaries"].  A selection of termpera works is further on display at Galerie Prostor 228 in Liberec from 1.9 to 14.11.2017.

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