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exhibition catalog

publisher: Alšova Jihočeská Galerie

author: Jane Neal

editor: Lena Typlt

design: Filip Kopecký

year: 2021
ISBN 978-80-7641-026-8

Dancing Pentagon

  • The history of art is structured around schools and movements, but it is also peopled with figures who stood apart from their peers and refused to conform – either to the expectations and dictates of the Academy, or to societal mores and social conventions.


    Without these distinctive characters and their refusal to bend and acquiesce to the systems or expectations of the day, the story of art would be far less colourful, remarkable or interesting. Be they mavericks, visionaries or simply dogged in the pursuit of their practice, the singular visions of these artists sets them apart as key figures in art history.


    Lubomír Typlt is one such artist.

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